Yen Foo Chang

Yen Foo Chang
is and will be remembered as a loving, forgiving, and caring father, friend and grandfather.
Born: March 22, 1922
Passed away: April 17, 2005

Yen-Foo Chang   &  Shiu - Chen Liu
Married 1953


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Brief Bio of Grandpa Yen-Foo Chang

Yen-Foo Chang   1922 - 2005
Born in a small village called Balchuen, shandong Province, China.
He was left orphan in his childhood years during WWII along with his six
siblings of three sisters and three brothers.
At the age of 12, his 2nd brother and he moved to Qingdao City in hopes to find
a better life.
  During his teenage years, he devoted his time working hard to
support himself and to obtain an education, which back then was
considered a privilege and luxury. He earned a degree in textile and
mechanical engineering.
After WWII in 1948, the communist regime rose in China, causing many
Chinese nationalists to move to Taiwan, amongst then was Yen Foo.
At the age of 31, he married wife, Shiv-Lhen Liv, whom he spent 52 years with, and together they had 3 sons and one daughter.
In 1967 he was offered a job in Bolivia, South America, a position in a textile
factory as an engineer. Unfortunately, due to financial hardship, he could not
move his whole family; therefore, he spent the next 9 years working hard to move each family member one by one.
At age 65, Yen Foo retired and moved with his wife to Fayetteville, AT, where his daughter resided. There he spent the most peaceful years of his long, hard life.
Yen Foo Chang is and will be remembered as a loving, forgiving and caring
father, friend, and grandfather.
By: Granddaughter, Ninca Chang